Exhibit: The High School That Rocked!

June 16th, 2017 until September 2nd, 2017

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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The focus of the exhibit will be on capturing the story of how six legendary bands (later inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) all performed at Staples High from 1966-68, creating indelible memories for local students.  It is a unique slice of rock history that happened right here in Westport–and a moment in time that will probably never happen again.


The High School That Rocked exhibit will be built around the subject matter of the new documentary short (with the same title) that has already generated a fair amount of favorable media coverage.

The exhibit will display over 100 vintage visuals including replicas of the original concert posters, blow-ups of ticket stubs, clippings from the Staples student newspaper Inklings and the local Town Crier, and photos taken at the concerts and behind the scenes by high school and junior high students.

The exhibit will contain a clip from the documentary short, along with a vintage portable record player, records, and clock radio–so that WHS baby-boom visitors can not only relive but also hear some of those classic music memories or, in the case of younger visitors, discover how kids back then actually listened to new music.


Fred Cantor and Mary Gai, curators for this exhibit, hope to capture what was happening locally as accurately as possible–as reflected in local reporting and photos.

Finally, the exhibit will also contain visuals and information pertaining to Staples alumni from that era who made their mark in the world of music.

The ultimate goal is to create not just an exhibit but an atmosphere that will be both informative and pure fun!


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The High School That Rocked Documentary, Saturday, July 15, town Hall 4pm, Tickets available through Westport Cinema Initiative,  reception at WHS following
July 15, 8 pm evening concert at the Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts with a reunion band featuring Charlie Karp, Brian Keane and Michael Mugrage — all Staples High School students from the late 1960s and early ’70s who went on to have successful music careers.
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Thank you to our sponsors to date:  Newman’s Own, Inc., Laurence S. Untermeyer, Arlene and Marty Yolles and Alan Neigher.


In the Mollie Gallery “Magical Thinking”

Westport artist Trace Burroughs sold over 300 of his abstract expressionistic paintings by age 15. His one-man show, “Magical Thinking,”  will also open June 16 in the Mollie Gallery.


One of Burroughs’s early works is part of the Westport Schools Permanent Art Collection, alongside works by internationally renowned artists including Picasso, Matisse, Calder, Motherwell, and others. His new collection of digital art is exhibited in galleries and art shows throughout Fairfield County.

“The subject matter in my new show, ‘Magical Thinking,’ is varied in theme and style,” Burroughs says. “The works are created utilizing digital art, retouching, and enhancement, and are then composited to create a single image. I try to create each work so that it is different from the others in the way it elicits a response from the viewer. In general, I try to create art that engages the mind and the eye, and that is thought-provoking, visually appealing, and sometimes with a mystical nuance.”


A former drummer with the two popular Westport bands, The Rogues and Styx, Burroughs broke the Guinness World Record for marathon drum soloing in his 20s, garnering national attention and an interview with David Frost. Since then, in addition to creating art, he has worked as an author, radio-show host, and animator whose work has been shown on television and in film. Learn more about Trace Burroughs and his work at traceburroughs.com/Artworks.com