Current Exhibit

January 28th, 2018 until April 16th, 2018

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

 Welcome to the life of Ed Vebell. In his 96 years, Ed did more things in more places than most people dream of. Like most of your older relatives Ed had stories to tell, but his span the globe, span time, and span famous events. Although recently departed, Ed Vebell still remains The Most Interesting Man In Westport.



It may sound cliché but it all started when Ed was shipped off to war. Ed nearly started out as an aircraft gunner, an occupation with a notoriously short lifespan, but when his superiors were alerted to his artistic ability he was quickly transferred to the US Army’s military newspaper, Stars and Stripes, as a field illustrator. As it turns out, illustrating battles was only the beginning of a decade’s long journey through odd, extraordinary and potentially lethal experiences.


Mr. Vebell spent years overseas in exotic places like Morocco and the cabarets of Paris. His decades as an illustrator, for publications like Sports Illustrated and Reader’s Digest, connected him with a cavalcade of characters including Grace Kelly and Matisse. Oh, and did we mention he also competed at the 1952  Olympics in fencing? Like any traveler he collected some souvenirs along the way. A century gives you opportunities to acquire interesting life experiences and trinkets; only Ed’s trinkets aren’t the knick knacks you find in grandma’s attic but treasures like Buffalo Bill’s hat and a spear from the Maasai, an African lion hunter tribe.


Join us and become immersed in the life of arguably Westport’s most interesting man, and be sure to look for Ed’s recently published book “An Artist at War”. Copies are available for sale in our gift shop.


There is no charge but donations are happily accepted!

Thank you to our refreshment donors: Matsu Sushi and Rizzutos Oyster Bar and Restaurant and to our exhibit sponsors,  Laurence S. Untermeyer,  Arlene and Marty Yolles. A special thanks to Dragone Classic Motor Cars for the period artifacts they loaned to this exhibit. 


Mr. Vebell speaks about his experiences during WWII in this exciting video.