Brickwalk Campaign: Be Part of Westport’s history

April 30th, 2017

All Day

Buy Your Engraved Brick Now

Installation for our new Brickwalk Patio will begin in May. There is still time to order a brick.

The WHS has a wonderful way to guarantee your place in Westport’s history. By donating to our new Brickwalk and Patio initiative you will help pave the way! With personalized bricks we will create a brand new pathway at the Westport Historical Society’s front door.  Each brick is a tax deductible donation. 


WHS Brickwalk gives you a chance to mark your place in Westport’s on-going history. And, with luck, the future site of memorable gatherings and celebrations.  


We know you are a vital part of today’s Westport and WHS Brickwalk gives you the chance to celebrate and remember anyone, past or present, whom you would like to honor. Bricks can be specially gifted to family and friends. We also see an opportunity to celebrate those who play a vital role in your Westport business history. Yesterday and today.  So lets pave the way into Westport history together.  A brick, a row or a large plaque with your business logo are all possible. It’s up to you!


            Brick Options
 One brick  (4 x 8)       $115
 Double Brick  (8 x 8)    $260
 Double Brick with custom logo    $350
A Family Row of 4 x 8 (5 bricks for the price of 4)   $460

chocolate with box

WHS will supply a gift certificate explaining how your recipient can choose their own engraving. And you can announce your gift with a commemorative handmade chocolate brick from Le Rouge for $25.

Buy your bricks with gift packaging here


The Westport Historical Society Brickwalk is a positive community endeavor, celebrating the personal, family, and professional history of the residents, visitors, and businesses of Westport, past and present. WHS reserves the right to reject any brick engraving message that does not meet these criteria.

Brickwalk Plan





Site plan for proposed WHS brickwalk.