Danbury Raid Bus Tour with Ed Hynes

May 7th, 2017

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Join us for an all day tour led by Ed Hynes, CFA

In the spring of 1777 the British landed a force of 2,000 men on Compo Beach with the goal of confiscating or destroying the Patriot’s supply of tents and other provisions stashed in Danbury. 


As the British marched to Danbury the Patriots mustered their forces under the command of Major General David Wooster and Brigadier Generals Benedict Arnold and Gold Selleck Silliman.  As the conflict nears its conclusion in present day Westport, you will feel the white-knuckle emotion of the men on both sides fighting for their lives and their countries.


The tour will follow in the footsteps of the British Soldiers as they land at Compo Beach and march overnight to Danbury.  We will then follow them to the Battle of Ridgefield; their daring deception of Arnold at Old Hill; and the final battle at Compo Hill.


Edward Hynes, CFA is a native of Wilton, CT and lives in Norwalk.  He and his wife have traveled extensively to various battlefields around the country and overseas.  In addition to his interest in history, Ed works as a Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor in Westport, Connecticut.  The tour begins and ends at Compo Beach. Attendees should park in Lot F at Longshore and the bus will meet you there.


The fee for this tour is $75 and includes a boxed lunch. Please register in the form provided below.


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