Annual Report


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Our Members, Donors, Sponsors and other supporters, in Westport and beyond, can take great pride in the work of our Westport Historical Society in 2011. The Report that precedes showcases the achievements of each department.

Driven partly by this surge in events and programs, traffic on our website this past year has grown geometrically (averaging over 16,000 visits per month!), to the delight of our sponsors.

Revenues from our two main fundraisers, Hidden Garden Tour/Toast the Tour and Holiday House Tour/Twilight Soirée along with The Mollie Gala Art Auction were up over last year, as was Annual Giving, thanks to the generosity of our members and to corporate matching. Gift size ranged from $10 to $5,000, and the mode was $100! Near-term goals continue to be to grow our membership, annual giving and endowment, retire our mortgage on the Wheeler House addition and expand our volunteer base.

As always, what most amazes me about our Westport Historical Society is how much is accomplished each year–with our buildings, facilities, Archive, collections, exhibits, programs, tours, fundraisers, gift shop and special events–with just one full-time staff member, three part-timers, a shoestring budget, modest endowment, no taxpayer subsidy, and a group of the most wonderfully devoted, loyal, talented hard-working and generous long-term members and volunteers I have ever met.

Westport is a special community, with an amazing, colorful history. Thanks to you all, the story is here and continues to grow for all to discover and enjoy!